All attendees, including delegates, visitors, and exhibitors, should register using the online registration form. Registration for all 2019 convention events will open July 15.

Registration for Lay Delegates and Voting Clergy*

Registration will open July 15.

*Every Member of the Clergy who is canonically resident in the Diocese and who is ecclesiastically employed or appointed by the Bishop to ecclesiastical service in the Diocese or resident within it shall have a seat and vote in the Convention. A Member of the Clergy, licensed by the Bishop, who has charge of a Parish or Mission in the Diocese when Convention convenes shall also be entitled to a seat and vote. (Constitution Article 4, Sec. 4.)

Members of the Constitution and Canons Committee have been asked to interpret what this language means.  It is their considered opinion that clergy in any of the following category are eligible to register as voting convention delegates:

  • Canonically resident clergy who are employed in, or appointed by the bishop to, ecclesiastical service within the diocese
  • Canonically resident clergy residing within the diocese (including retired clergy)
  • Clergy licensed by the bishop to be in charge of a parish or mission of the diocese without regard to their canonical or actual residence

Registration for Alternate Delegates, Visitors, and Non-Voting Clergy

Registration for alternate delegates, visitors, and non-voting clergy will open in July. People registering as visitors, alternates, and non-canonical clergy are welcome to attend all business and worship sessions and register for the special events listed below.

Delegate Changes

If your church has a delegate change, please complete the Delegate Change Form.


Registration for the special events will open July 15.


Exhibit Table Registration will open July 15.

If you have any questions, please call Tracy Esguerra at 971-204-4103 or email at