Do you have opinions to share about the mission and vision of the Diocese of Oregon and a passion to help turn those ideas into action?

Would you like to represent Episcopalians from throughout the diocese to the broader Episcopal Church?

Here’s your chance! At the 132nd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Oregon, we’ll be electing a number of people to fill the following diocesan leadership positions. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2020.

Standing Committee

One clergy for a four-year term
One layperson for a four-year term

The Standing Committee advises the Bishop and gives consent in matters of the disposition of property, ecclesiastical discipline, the election and consecration of bishops, and in the matter of candidates for ordained ministry. The Standing Committee meets monthly at St. Paul, Salem on Thursday usually at 9:45 am. Meetings may be held via web conference. The Standing Committee, Board of Trustees, & Diocesan Council meet together three times a year.

Board of Trustees

One clergy for a three-year term
One layperson for a three-year term

The Board of Trustees act within bounds set by the Bishop, the Convention, and the Standing Committee to steward the funds and property entrusted to the diocese. The Finance Committee of the Diocese, appointed by the Board of Trustees, conducts ongoing review of all financial transactions in the diocese. The trustees meet the last Thursday of the month at The Bishop’s Close in Portland at 1:00 pm. Meetings may be held via web conference. The Board of Trustees, Standing Committee, & Diocesan Council meet together three times a year.

Diocesan Council

Two clergy for three-year terms
Two laypeople for three-year terms

The Diocesan Council oversees the creation of a budget each year and has authority to create and prescribe the duties of program ministries and committees in support of the mission of the Church in the Diocese. Council members visit congregations. To reduce the barriers to participation from all members of our diocesan community, beginning in January 2020 Diocesan Council meetings will be held on Saturdays, no more than once a month, and will include the option of participating by video conferencing. The Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, & Board of Trustees meet together three times a year.  

Trinity Cathedral Chapter

One person for a three-year term

The Trinity Cathedral Chapter includes one person from the diocese elected annually.  The Chapter meets three times a year in Portland to facilitate communication between the Diocese and the Cathedral, to seek alignment between Cathedral and Diocesan vision, and to ascertain ways in which the Cathedral congregation and other congregations of the diocese may relate in positive and helpful ways.

The Camp & Retreat Ministries (CRM) Board

One person for a four-year term

The Camp & Retreat Ministries (CRM) Board includes one person from the diocese elected every four years. The Board meets four times a year via Zoom and at the CRM sites of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Board oversees policies, programs, and stewardship of facilities and finances for the wide array of camp and retreat offerings for children, youth, adults and families offered year-round in Oregon and Idaho. This position is an important piece of the partnership between the United Methodist Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon.

Training Requirements

All elected to serve in leadership in the Diocese of Oregon are expected to fulfill the following trainings within the past five years or within one year of their election. Further information about these requirements is available on the diocesan website or by contacting the Rev. Canon Carol Sedlacek at

To Make a Nomination

To nominate yourself or another person for one of these positions, please complete the following form: Diocesan Position Nomination Form

All nominees need submit brief biographical information, a recent photo, and personal statements for the Convention Booklet and posted online in advance of the convention. The submission form is available here: Diocesan Nominee Information Form. Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2020.

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