2018 Diocesan Leadership Positions Open for Nominations

If you feel called to serve the wider church, prayerfully consider the variety of opportunities available. Elections will take place at Convention, but it is not required that nominees be a delegate or that they be present at Convention in order to be elected.

Nomination Deadline: July 5, 2018

Positions to be elected in 2018:

Standing Committee (electing 1 lay and 1 clergy to 4-year terms): Standing Committee members advise the bishop and give consent in matters of the disposition of property, ecclesiastical discipline, the election and consecration of bishops, and in the matter of candidates for ordained ministry. Learn more about the Standing Committee

Board of Trustees (electing 1 lay and 1 clergy to 3-year terms):
The trustees act within bounds set by the Bishop, the Convention, and the Standing Committee to steward the funds and property entrusted to the diocese. The Finance Committee of the diocese, appointed by the Board of Trustees, conducts ongoing review of all financial transactions in the diocese. Learn more about the Board of Trustees

Diocesan Council (electing 2 lay and 2 clergy to 3-year terms):
Diocesan Council oversees the creation of a budget each year to carry out this work, and has authority to create and prescribe the duties of program ministries and committees in support of the mission of the church in the diocese. Council members visit congregations. Learn more about the Diocesan Council

Trinity Cathedral Chapter (electing 1 person for a 3-year term):
The representatives from the diocese work to facilitate communication between the diocese and the cathedral, seek alignment between cathedral and diocesan vision, and to ascertain ways in which the cathedral congregation and other congregations of the diocese may relate in positive and helpful ways.

Read the 2018 Nomination Position Descriptions for detailed information about each position, including regular meeting times and training requirements.

Please submit names of possible candidates using the online Nomination Form or the Nomination Form (Word document).