Convention Election Results for Diocesan Leadership

The following people were elected to diocesan leadership positions at the 131st Annual Convention, October 25 and 26, 2019 at the Salem Convention Center:

Standing Committee:

The Rev. Agustin Valadez (four-year clergy term)
The Rev. Karen Tiegs (one-year clergy term)
Megan Colwell (four-year lay term)

Board of Trustees

The Rev. Brendan Barnicle (three-year clergy term)
Lianne Thompson (three-year lay term)

Diocesan Council

The Rev. Anne Abdy (three-year clergy term)
The Rev. Marlene Mutcher (three-year clergy term)
Edith Arriaga-Flores (three-year lay term)
Maria Pastrana (three-year lay term)

Trinity Cathedral Chapter

The Rev. Andria Skornik (three-year term)

General Convention Deputies


The Ven. Canon Carter Hawley
The Rev. Wes Sedlacek
The Rev. Roberto Maldonado-Mercado
The Rev. Kerlin Richter

The Rev. Gavin Shumate
The Rev. Robert Bryant
The Rev. Deacon Diane Higgins
The Rev. Tom Sramek, Jr.


Alan Murray
Sydney Fitzpatrick
D. Rebecca Snow
Toni Phipps

Rose Thomas
Martin Loring
Marla Lowen
Cindy Russell